Updated 5/15/2020 - New additions shown in red

Dear KidzArt, Club Scientific, and Robotics Families,

During the last 8 years, our after-school classes and summer camps have served thousands of students each year. Working with children, safety has always been our #1 priority. During this difficult time, we will follow the latest guidelines on health and safety from the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) and the Florida Department of Health. As we all know, our main objective during this crisis is to "flatten the curve" and limit spread of the virus, and we are committed to making sure that we do not heighten the risk for any of our staff, our students, or their families during this time.

As we all work together towards ending this pandemic, we want to make sure everyone is aware of how the various limitations on social gatherings are currently impacting our classes, camps, and other product offerings. Information on possible "Virtual Classes" is also provided below.

How our current programs are being affected:

  • After-School Classes in St. Johns County (KidzArt, Club Scientific, and Robotics)
      • Since on-campus classes have been cancelled through the end of this school year, our after-school classes have been cancelled as well.
      • Since we are unable to make up our missed classes, we are currently in the process of issuing refundable account credits to all families for the missed classes. The credits can be used for any future camp, class, or birthday party, and may be refunded back to your credit card if requested. (You may request a direct refund to your credit card by emailing Jacob at jstump@clubscientific.com)
      • Due to these special circumstances, we are not charging any cancellation fees at this time, and the account credits you receive can be used to pay for equivalent classes next school year.
      • If your child was enrolled in a Spring Semester class, please check your email for detailed information about how much of a credit you should expect to see for your child's classes. 
  • Summer Camps
      • As of 5/15, all camps at San Juan del Rio Catholic School have been cancelled for the 2020 Summer. If your child was enrolled in a camp at SJDR, please see your email for detailed information about credits, refunds, and transfer options (or click here to see a copy of the email)
      • Half-day camps at our US-1 Lab and Full-day camps at Waypoint pre-school remain open for registration, though availability is now extremely limited.
      • At this time, we do not foresee any reason why the US-1 Lab half-day camps or Waypoint full-day camps would be cancelled; however there is a very likely possibility that class sizes may need to be reduced. If this happens and your child's spot is affected, we will contact you directly to discuss your options.
      • So that you can plan your summer as best as possible, we will attempt to make final decisions for each week of camp 1 month in advance. For example, the Jr. Astronaut camp is scheduled to start June 22nd, so we will make an announcement no later than May 22nd regarding our plans for that week of camp.
      • To ensure the continued health of our staff, campers, and families, we will be adding several rigorous health and safety protocols to our camp operations. This will include mandatory hand-washing, immediate cleaning and sanitization of bathrooms and common supplies, and limiting interactions between classrooms where possible. These may change depending on the status of community transmission of COVID-19 at that time.
      • If we are unable to hold our camps for any reason, all accounts will be credited the full amount paid for camp. The credits can be used for any future camp, class, or birthday party, and may be refunded back to your credit card if requested.
      • If camps are held as scheduled in June and July, but you personally do not feel comfortable sending your child at that time due to continued Coronavirus concerns, then you may still cancel and receive a full credit for what you have paid.
      • If you are currently paying for your child's camp with a monthly payment plan, and your family has been financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, you may request a deferral of your remaining payments by emailing Jacob at jstump@clubscientific.com. Deferral options differ by camp location, and are listed below:
        • Waypoint Preschool camp payments can be deferred until July 8th
        • KidzArt Studio half-day camp payments can be deferred until June 10th
        • Club Scientific Lab half-day camp payments can be deferred until May 26th
      • Please be patient with us as we await more information during this time. We WILL NOT hold you responsible for camps that your child cannot attend due to the COVID-19 limitations, so please rest assured that you will be refunded if you have prepaid for your child's camp.
  • Birthday Parties
      • Until the limitations on social gatherings are lifted, we will not be able to offer our mobile party package.
      • Customers who have already put down a deposit on their child's party have the option of either being refunded or rescheduling their child's party.
      • Please contact our office to receive your refund or reschedule.
  • In-School Field Trips
      • Since on-campus classes have been cancelled through April 15th, our In-School Field Trips cannot be held at this time.
      • Once on-campus classes re-open, we will contact all schools to begin rescheduling their in-school field trips.


Regarding Possible Virtual Classes:

  • We have had some families contact us regarding the possibility of offering "Virtual Classes" during the school closures. While we are currently exploring options for possible virtual classes, we feel very strongly that the hands-on, individual attention aspects of our classes are very important, and impossible to replicate in a virtual class. If our Summer Camps are cancelled, we may make a series of Virtual Classes available at that time, depending on whether or not the current government limitations would allow us to deliver "class packs" of supplies to our students. If virtual classes are made available, we will notify everyone via email and Facebook.

Lastly, we understand and empathize with you how difficult it is to be going through these uncertain times, but our KidzArt and Club Scientific family is here to support you every step of the way. Your family and the love of art & science is why we are in business and we cannot express how much we appreciate you allowing us to continue to serve you while doing what we love.

We are remaining positive, and we are excited to see our students again soon! In the meantime, please keep an eye on our Facebook pages for some fun at-home activities that you can do with your child!

Wishing everyone safety and good health while sending positive energy your way!

Jacob Stump & Sarah Simpson-Stump
KidzArt & Club Scientific - St. Johns