Birthday Parties

Parties at your place or a place of your choice:

$225 for up to 12 participants. $10 per additional participant.




  • Exciting science lessons by our enthusiastic Party-ologists!
  • A Science demonstration and a make and take project for each of your guests.
  • Club Scientific Lab postcard invitations for all of your guests, upon request.
  • A special gift for the birthday child including a science project and Club Scientific T-Shirt.

Additional Party Options:


  • Science party gift bags. Gift bag includes science toys and experiments, a treat and other times related to your party theme.
  • Add a balloon artist to decorate the space in your teme and entertain the children before and after the science experiment. Find out more here.


Party Project Options

Party ThemesScience DemonstrationMake and Take ProjectSuggested Ages
Space AcademyBalloon Rockets and Anti-Burst RocketsPocket Rockets5-11
Radical ReactionsDry Ice Experiment and Elephant ToothpasteAtomic Glow Slime or Color changing Silly Putty5-11
Dinosaurs Galore!Trilobite Fossil Experiment and Volcanic EruptionDinosaur Dig5-8
Physics FactoryMarble Roller Coasters and Inertia ChallengeNeon Bouncing Ball7-11
Walk The PlankSaltwater Density Experiment and Ocean Wave TubeShark Tooth Necklace5-8
Robot RumbleBuild your own obstacle courses and program robots to complete the course7-12
Coding and GamingUsing tiny robots learn how to code them to follow simple commands, dance and play different games and mazes on a tablet7-12



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