How do after-school classes work?

  • Classes are right on campus! Classes are held in a designated room on campus. You must arrange to pick up your child from class.  Classes are open to students attending the school unless it is a designated community location.
  • All supplies are provided!  Classes are typically 1 hour long. All materials will be provided by your child’s instructor.
  • A new project every week! Classes never repeat.
  • What if a class is cancelled? We will notify you in the event of an emergency or if the class is cancelled.  If attendance is low, we will let you know so that you can invite a friend.
  • How do I pay? You can pay online by credit card when you register.
  • Do you ever have last-minute openings? You are welcome to call before a class is scheduled to start to see if there are any last-minute openings. Payment is made at that time.
  • Can I purchase a Gift Certificate? You can buy a certificate online, or you can call and we will send you a certificate via mail.


How do Summer Camps work?

Does my child need to bring anything to camp?

  • Please pack a snack and drink for all camps.  Full day campers will need to pack a lunch.

How do I pay?

  • You can pay online by credit card when you register! Deposit options are available.  The remaining balance is due before the start of camp.  It will automatically be billed to your card the day before camp, unless other arrangements are made.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • We stand by our classes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your child does not have a great time, and you decide to withdraw within the first two days of class, we will issue you a prorated refund.
  • We do not issue refunds for non-attendance (i.e. sick days, vacations, etc...) Our camps and classes have a limited number of spaces available, so each student enrolled has a guaranteed reserved spot which cannot be resold to any other students. Similar to the Extended Day programs at our schools, we still have to purchase the same amount of supplies and staff the same employees, regardless of student attendance.
  • If your family's schedule changes midway through a school semester, we may be able to offer a refund of the future unattended classes if we can replace your child with another student on the waitlist. These refunds will carry a 5% Cancellation fee, to cover our non-refundable credit card fees and school rental charges.
  • All cancellations made by families will will carry a 5% Cancellation fee, to cover our non-refundable credit card fees and facility rental charges.  Cancellations for camps made after June 1st will be subject to a $35 fee per camp. Prior to June 1st camp cancellations will be subject to the 5% cancellation fee.  No refunds will issued after the start of the camp.