• Hands-On Science Each Week! A new, hands-on project each week means your child never gets bored!
  • Themed Sessions! Each semester includes 3 separate groups of lessons themed on on exciting topics, such as Spooky STEM, Electromagnetic STEM Explorer, Colorful Chemistry Concoctions, and more!


  • Classes take place right on campus! Classes are held in a classroom on campus and students are collected by Club Scientific instructors in our designated area. Students are always supervised.
  • All supplies are provided! Classes are 1-hour long, and typically held in 8-10 week long semesters. All materials will be provided by your child's Club Scientific instructor.
  • A new project every week!

Session Descriptions

Club Scientific ­- Spooky STEM!

Spooky STEM! Join us as we explore the mysteries of the season. We’ll dig into the DNA of a pumpkin, create slime that looks like creepy crawly worms, make bubbling potions and more! It’s STEM gone mad this fall at Club Scientific!

Club Scientific - Electromagnetic STEM Explorer! Grades K-6

This winter we are diving into the fundamentals of one of our forces of nature. Students are introduced to magnetism and the conversion of energy from one form to another by means of electrical currents and magnetic fields. They will also construct a compass, a flashlight, and a buzzer! Charge your brain - Get Electrified - and find out how attracted you are to Science!

Club Scientific - Colorful Chemistry Concoctions : K-6

Join us as we experiment with explosions, potions, bubbling mixtures, and colorful reactions! This is sure to excite as we learn the science behind the colors we see and experience every day! Students will perform experiments in acid-base chemistry, exothermic reactions, color-mixing, color-changing dyes, and more!
Science was NEVER this much fun!