It's time to party!If you really want your child to have a fantastic birthday party, then let Club Scientific provide the entertainment. We offer a variety of themes for an unforgettable birthday party experience.Our events are filled with fun and adventure that your special girl or boy will always remember. Our science parties last for one hour and are for children ages 4-13.

All birthday parties are held at your location!

Party packages include the following:

An exciting make and take-home experiment Theme-specific science experiment by one of our fun scientists Club Scientific teeshirt for the birthday child Science gift for the birthday child!

Party Costs (based on the number of guests) 1 to 15 - $225.00(minimum) Each additional guest is $8.00

Party ThemesScience DemonstrationMake and Take Project
Space AcademyBalloon and Air Burst RocketryPocket Rockets
Radical Reaction LabAwesome Dry Ice ExperimentSilly Putty
GrossologistElephant's ToothpasteAtomic Slime
Dinosaurs!Mentos GyserDinosaur Dig
Physics FactoryEggstraunaut DropNeon Bouncing Ball
Walk The Plank!Color Changing MilkShark Tooth Necklace and Ocean Wave Tube
Space AcademyDinosaurs!GrossologistRadical Reaction LabPhysics FactoryWalk The Plank!
Rock CandyRock CandyFormula Sour Test TubeFormula Sour Test TubeRock CandyPirate Tattoos
Club PencilClub PencilClub PencilClub PencilClub PencilClub Pencil
UV Bead Test TubeGrowing Dinosaur Test TubeDirty Diaper Test TubeRainbow Test TubeMagic Sand Test TubeGold Chocolate Coins
Solar BallFossil DiscoveryGalactic PuttyBoing PuttyHi-Bounce BallRainbow Test Tube Experiment
Wacky WhirlersDinosaur TattoosSqueeze BallWacky WhirlerBalloon HelicopterPirate Coins