On Friday, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nevada shaking buildings and roadways throughout Las Vegas. With another significant earthquake in the news this weekend, I thought I would add a further post about our shaking earth.

It’s interesting to see where earthquakes strike each day. A great website that plots all the latest earthquakes around the world can be found at http://earthquakestoday.info/.

The website has an excellent, up to date, zoom-able map that shows exactly where each large quake in the last 7 days has occurred. Take a look and see where the closest earthquake to you occurred.

If you really enjoy keeping track of our constantly shaking earth you can even download some interactive apps for your smartphone. These apps will keep you informed with all the latest information whenever a quake strikes anywhere around the world. I personally enjoy the app “My Earthquake Alerts”. (But you may have to be careful when setting the Magnitude Notification Setting because if you set it too low, your phone will be giving you alerts constantly.)