At Home Science Experiments!

We understand how difficult it can be to find engaging and educational activities for your children, so we’ve done the work for you!
We’ve compiled a list of our favorite science experiments that you and your kids can do right at home!

OUr favorites:

Climbing Rainbows

This experiment illustrates the concept of absorption!

What you’ll need: a small plastic food container, markers, a pencil, paper towels, scissors, tape, and water

Make Your Own Sundial

Sundials are a great way to explain Earth’s rotation on it’s axis.

What you’ll need: a stick, rocks or chalk, 1 cup of playdough (optional), a watch or clock.

Fingerprint Detective

This experiment is a great way to teach kids the science behind fingerprints!

What you’ll need: white paper, clear tape, a pencil, a magnifying glass, a clear glass or jar, cocoa powder, and a paintbrush or makeup brush

Come back next week for more of our favorite at home experiments!