Disappearing Ghosts

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, we’re bringing you a spooky science activity! Click here for our free Disappearing Ghosts handout! Let us know how it turns out!

Ice Melting Points

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Check out this week’s free science experiment involving the melting point of ice:  Click here to download!

Density Experiment

Today’s free experiment is sure to be a hit! Learn about density while creating your own jar of fireworks! Click here to download our Food Coloring Fireworks guide!


This experiment and info sheet explains the science of chromatography and how it is used by scientists! It’s super simple and the materials are things you probably already have at home! Click here for our Chromatography guide!

Is It Waterproof?

Happy Experimenting! Today’s free science activity is a waterproof testing experiment! It’s super easy and the supplies are items that you most likely have in your home! Click here to download our waterproof experiment guide!

Insect Fun Facts!

Happy Friday! Today we’re bringing you some of our favorite bug facts!   A ladybug can eat over 5,000 bugs in it’s lifetime!             Grasshoppers were around before dinosaurs!               A bee flaps its wings about 11,400 times per minute!         …

The Wright Brothers

Today In science history: On May 22nd, 1906, Orville and Wilbur right were granted the patent for their first flying machine! The Wright Brothers invented and built the worlds first working motor-operated plane! The were self taught and learned their mechanical skills in their workshop where they studied printing presses, bicycles, and motors. Check out …